Welcome to my blog, World of Tea Infusers! You can call me B, which is the name I go by with my family and friends. I run a small blog dedicated to all things teaware & tea related.

My tea obsession started at a very young age. I remember as a child I would brew chamomile and peppermint tea every night before bed. I would wait for it to cool down, which usually consisted of me placing the tea in the fridge, and then transferring the tea into a water bottle so I could bring it to school (I know I know, the horrors of reusing plastic water bottles!). I was so in love with my chamomile and peppermint tea that I made sure I was able to bring some to school with me. When I felt ‘adventurous’ I would add in a little honey and lemon.

Fast forward many years later, I’m still enjoying my daily tea. I’ve expanded from my comfort zone of only chamomile and peppermint, and am using way more sophisticated and better equipment to drink tea out of. Now I love finding unique products and flavours I have never tried or heard of before. I decided to start a blog as a way to share my experiences, and to help others make an informed decision about a product or tea they’re interested in trying.

Working Together

One of the best things about tea blogging is being able to meet new people and try new things! If you have a unique teaware product or tea you’d like to share on my blog, please use the contact form located in the menu above to get in touch or send an email to contact@worldofteainfusers.com.

Some areas of my blog that may benefit your business:

  • Product reviews
  • Guest posting
  • Promotional offers/Giveaways

Located in Toronto, Canada.