Gift Guide for Tea Lovers

December 11, 2016
gift guide for tea lovers

If you know someone who is an avid tea lover and you want to get them the perfect gift but you’re not sure what, then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re looking for a holiday or birthday gift, we’ve compiled a long list of the best gift ideas for tea lovers.

Between tea accessories, premium loose leaf, teapots, or novelty infusers, you’re bound to find at least one item on this list that will make a perfect gift for that special someone (or yourself – there’s no judgment here).

The below gift guide for tea lovers has links to Amazon for more information.

Happy brewing!

Electric Kettles with Temperature Control

cuisinart electric tea kettle temperature control

In order to brew a great cup of tea, an electric kettle will really help to accomplish the job. The kettles where you can set the temperature are the best kind; you have the ability to adjust the temperature based on the type of tea you’re brewing, such as the Cuisinart Electric Kettle. It has six preset temperatures which allow for brewing tea at the right temperatures: delicate, green, white, oolong, French press coffee, or black/boil.

Some of the best electric kettles with temperature control are:

You can view a list of all electric kettles with temperature control here

Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid

glass tea mug with infuser

Every tea enthusiast should have at least one tea mug infuser and lid, such as the FORLIFE Glass Tea Mug. This is probably hands down the easiest and laziest way to enjoy loose leaf tea. The large infuser basket allows plenty of room for brewing a large variety of teas. The basket is also fine enough so that smaller tea pieces do not fall through either. The lid acts as a saucer for you to rest your infuser on when you’re finished steeping.  

Some of the best tea mug infusers with lids are:

You can view a list of all tea mug infusers with lids here.

Individual Tea Infusers

finum large black brewing basket

Brewing tea can also be made the simple way by using a tea infuser. All you need to do is fill your infuser with tea and place into your favorite mug. The Finum Brewing Basket is perfect for this because it allows plenty of room for leaf expansion. The mesh is also incredibly fine, which prevents the smallest tea leaves from escaping through. This is an excellent tea infuser to use for steeping a wide variety of teas.  It’s also compact and sturdy which makes it an ideal steeper to use when traveling.

Some of the best individual tea infusers are:

You can view a list of more individual tea infusers here.

Tea Sampler Sets

loose leaf tea samplers by tea forte

Tea box samplers are usually a pretty safe gift choice if you’re unsure of what to buy. They usually contain an assortment of different types of teas, such as the Tea Forte Loose Leaf Tea Sampler. It has 28 of their most popular flavors ranging from black, green, white and herbal tea blends. If you’re unsure of what someone’s favorite type of tea is, then chances are they will find at least a few blends they’ll like in a tea sampler. Tea samplers are also a great way to try out a new variety of teas.

Here is a list of some of the best tea sampler sets:

You can view a list of more tea sampler sets here.

Tea Infuser Travel Mug

UEndure tea tumbler

Travel mugs that can infuse tea while on the go are perfect for active and busy people. It makes enjoying tea easy whether you’re in the car, on the subway, in the woods camping, or hiking a trail. They’re also great to use all year round since most tea infuser travel mugs can be used for both hot or cold teas, such as the UEndure Tea Tumbler.

Some of the best tea infuser travel mugs are:

You can view a list of more tea infuser travel mugs here.

Ceramic Teapot with Infuser

japanese blossom ceramic teapot infuser

If you’re looking for a teapot with a bit of personality, then you should consider ceramic teapots. These types of teapots come in a variety of different colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. For example Tea Forte Ceramic Teapots have a lot of fun styles to choose from. They also have removable stainless steel tea infusers, which is perfect for brewing a variety of different teas in your teapot.

Some of the best ceramic teapots with infusers are:

You can view a list of more ceramic teapots with infusers here.

Glass Teapot with Infuser

glass teapot with stainless steel infuser

A lot of tea enthusiasts love to watch their tea unfurl while steeping. This is made possible by using a glass brewing vessel such as the Hario Glass Teapot. You can choose to brew tea either directly inside the pot, or inside the removable stainless steel basket that sits in the teapot. Blooming Tea is a type of tea that is very popular to brew inside glass teapots because of the way it unfurls while steeping.

Some of the best glass teapots with infusers are:

You can view a list of more glass teapots with infusers here.

Cast Iron Teapot with Infuser

black cast iron teapot with infuser

If you’d like to enjoy tea in a more traditional way, you should consider using a cast iron teapot, such as the one by Old Dutch. Also referred to as a Tetsubin, these are Japanese style teapots that date back hundreds of years. The westernized versions of these teapots have an enamel interior lining and come with removable stainless steel infuser baskets. Similar to ceramic and glass teapots, you can steep tea either inside the pot or inside the removable infuser basket.

Some of the best cast iron teapots with infusers are:

You can view a list of more cast iron teapots with infusers here.

French Press for Tea

bodum french tea press

Did you know that you can use a French Press for tea? You can use a traditional French Press to make tea the same way you would to make coffee. You can also use a more specific press just for teas, such as the Bodum Tea Press. A French Press makes a great gift for anyone who loves both coffee and tea.

Some of the best French Presses are:

You can view a list of more French Presses here.

Automatic Tea Makers

breville automatic tea maker

If you know someone who drinks a lot of tea, then they may appreciate an automatic tea maker. After all, a tea maker is the coffee maker of teas. The Breville One-Touch Tea Maker is one example of a fine machine that does it all. You can use one of the preset options for brewing different types of tea (black, green, white, herbal, or oolong tea) or you can use the custom brew option to set your own water temperature and steep time. You can also wake up to a fresh cup of tea in the morning by setting a timer that will automatically start brewing on its own. How neat is that?

Some of the best automatic tea makers are:

You can view a list of more electric tea makers here.

Novelty Tea Infusers

star wars death star tea infuser

These types of infusers work the same way traditional infusers do, with one small difference: they are way more fun looking. Novelty infusers are great gifts for someone who loves tea and has a fun personality. For example the Star Wars Death Star Infuser is perfect for someone who loves both Star Wars and tea.

Some of the best novelty tea infusers are:

You can view a list of more novelty tea infusers here.

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