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Finum Brewing Basket Review

February 20, 2017
finum brewing basket review

The brewing basket by Finum is hands down one of the best infusers to use for steeping loose leaf tea.

With over eleven hundred reviews on Amazon and an average 4.7 star rating, the Finum brewing basket is one of the most trusted and widely used steepers.

Its large capacity allows plenty of room for steeping a wide range of teas. Certain types of oolongs, green, and black teas have large leaves that unfurl when they steep in hot water. A tea infuser that allows plenty of room for these leaves to unfurl is the key to brewing a great cup of tea.

Along with its spacious room for leaf expansion, the Finum basket is also built from very fine stainless steel mesh. This makes for an excellent tea infuser to use when brewing certain types of fine teas, such as rooibos and yerba mate.

Not only can the Finum brewing basket be used to brew a wide variety of teas, its small and compact shape allows for a quick and easy cup of tea while at home or at the office.

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Below we’ll review the Finum brewing basket and go into more detail.

What is the Finum Brewing Basket?

The brewing basket by Finum is a tea infuser used to brew loose leaf tea.

This infuser is in the shape of a basket and its design allows plenty of room for brewing a wide variety of teas.

Product Details

  • Made from stainless steel mesh
  • Food grade safe and BPA free plastic
  • Lid can be used to keep in aroma and keep tea warmer longer, as well as a drip tray or saucer
  • Fits commonly used mug and tea cup sizes
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not microwave safe
  • Made in Germany

What It Looks Like

The brewing basket by Finum is made from micro stainless steel mesh and BPA free, food grade plastic.

I’ve used several basket style infusers before where it was covered in stainless steel mesh, however there was no mesh on the bottom. This is a small pet peeve of mine. A great infuser should be surrounded in fine mesh, and I was relieved when I found that the Finum basket had just that!

Having the bottom of the infuser basket made from fine mesh, along with the sides of the basket, allows for much better water flow when steeping and hence a better cup of tea.

The Finum brewing basket also comes in two sizes: medium and large.

The medium size is the most commonly used infuser and will fit just about any size mug or cup. The large infuser is better for brewing in mugs that are taller and narrower in design, such as 16 oz (475 mL) mugs.

The brewing basket by Finum also comes in three colors:

How to Use the Finum Brewing Basket

It’s incredibly easy to use the Finum basket to brew a cup of tea. If you’re familiar with tea mug infusers with lid, then it essentially works the same way.

  • Step 1: Choose your tea. This can often be the hardest part!
  • Step 2: Remove lid and place the basket inside your mug. The basket should comfortably hang inside
  • Step 3: Scoop appropriate amount of loose leaf tea into the basket
  • Step 4: Pour hot water into the basket and steep for the appropriate amount of time

Optional: When steeping tea you can place the lid on top of the infuser. This helps to keep the aroma inside and keeps the tea warmer for longer. When you’re finished afterwards, the lid can be taken off and used as a drip try or saucer to rest the basket on.

Pros & Cons

I find the brewing basket by Finum to be one of the best infusers to use for brewing loose leaf tea. Some of the reasons why are provided below:


  • Plenty of space for leaf expansion
  • Very fine stainless steel mesh prevents the finest leaves from escaping through
  • Easy to use at home or at the office
  • Very simple and fast to clean
  • Affordable yet high quality


  • Small amount of plastic is submerged in hot water when brewing tea, however the plastic is food grade safe and BPA free

How to Clean Your Finum Brewing Basket

This brewing basket is probably the easiest infuser there is to clean.

When you’re finished with your tea leaves, simply empty the basket and rinse under warm water. A rinse is all you really need to remove any leftover tea leaves. You can also wash with soapy warm water to give it that extra scrub. The Finum brewing basket is also dishwasher safe.

Final Thoughts

If you’re an avid tea drinker or just beginning to try loose leaf tea for the first time, I highly recommend you use a Finum brewing basket.

It’s a great infuser to use over standard tea ball infusers which are typically too small for many types of tea leaves and not fine enough for finer teas.

The Finum basket is the go to infuser every tea lover should have. It allows you to steep a wide variety of teas, its super easy to use and clean, and is portable which makes it convenient to use at home or at the office, and is also very affordable. It’s a tea infuser that comes highly recommended in the tea community.

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