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Finum Brewing Basket Review

February 20, 2017
finum brewing basket review

The brewing basket by Finum is hands down one of the best infusers to use for steeping loose leaf tea.

With over eleven hundred reviews on Amazon and an average 4.7 star rating, the Finum brewing basket is one of the most trusted and widely used steepers.

Its large capacity allows plenty of room for steeping a wide range of teas. Certain types of oolongs, green, and black teas have large leaves that unfurl when they steep in hot water. A tea infuser that allows plenty of room for these leaves to unfurl is the key to brewing a great cup of tea.

Along with its spacious room for leaf expansion, the Finum basket is also built from very fine stainless steel mesh. This makes for an excellent tea infuser to use when brewing certain types of fine teas, such as rooibos and yerba mate.

Not only can the Finum brewing basket be used to brew a wide variety of teas, its small and compact shape allows for a quick and easy cup of tea while at home or at the office.

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