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Tea Infusers

Schefs Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Review

September 20, 2015
Review on the Schefs stainless steel tea infuser

Looking for a modern day tea ball infuser? The Schefs stainless steel tea infuser is a premium tea steeper that is sold on Amazon. It’s a modern, durable, yet quality tea ball infuser that is reasonably priced. If you’re looking for a simple tea steeper for the sole purpose of making an easy and quick cup of tea and have no need for fancy, unique or playful looking steepers, then you should consider the stainless steel tea infuser by Schefs.

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Tea Infusers

Tea Infuser Mug

September 19, 2015
aladdin tea infuser mug

If you’re the type of person that is on the go a lot and is looking for a durable and quality tea infuser travel mug, then you should consider the Aladdin tea infuser mug. Whether you’re backpacking in Europe or commuting to work in traffic, this travel mug is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy loose leaf tea while en route to their destination. Continue Reading