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DAVIDsTEA 24 Days of Tea – 2015 Advent Calendar – Part 2

December 7, 2015
24 days of tea

My last DAVIDsTEA 24 Days of Tea post was beginning to grow too long so I decided to break the posts up a bit.

Instead I will be doing 4 posts with 6 tea reviews each.

You can read Part 1 of the 24 Days of Tea by DAVIDsTEA here, or skip ahead to part 3 or part 4 here.

You can also skip directly to the 24 Days of Tea list here.

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Tea Tasting

DAVIDsTEA 24 Days of Tea – 2015 Advent Calendar – Part 1

December 1, 2015
day 1 of 24 days of tea

I’m really excited to write this post because for the first time ever I get to combine two exciting things together…

tea (duh) ….

and advent calendars!

I noticed last year there was a lot of buzz around the DAVIDsTEA advent calendars. I wasn’t able to purchase one last year, but this year I was fortunate enough to get my paws on one.

I was so excited about the advent tea calendar that I even made a quickie Youtube video … because it deserves a video all on its own!

I’m also excited to try the teas in this advent calendar because I would like to expand my DAVIDsTEA tea collection. Purchasing the calendar provides 24 different sample sized loose leaf tea. It’s a great way to discover new flavours without having to purchase individual sample sizes or bags of loose leaf tea.

Plus the excitement of an advent calendar format makes the process that more fun. If there are flavours I discover and I really like and want more of, I will be more than happy to purchase them in larger quantities.

For those of you who have not purchased the advent calendar but are curious as to what flavours are included and are looking for tea reviews, I will be adding to this post every single day. Each day I will open a new sample of the 24 Days of Tea and will talk about the flavours, aroma, ingredients, and general makeup of the tea. Keep checking this post as it will be updated daily.

You can also skip directly to the 24 Days of Tea list here.

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Tea Infusers

Scoop n Slide Infuser Review

November 1, 2015
scoop n slide infuser

It’s been a while since I’ve been inside a DAVIDsTEA and now I remember why.

I spend way too much money in there.

I’ll admit the reason I went recently was to purchase one item, which was a cup of tea, so I could have one of their cool DAVIDsTEA Halloween cups!

What was supposed to be one purchase, turned into me picking up seven items, putting back three (not willingly may I add), and leaving the store with four.  Although it was hard to put back the three items, I left with four really neat products, one of them being the scoop n slide infuser. Continue Reading


Types of Tea: What Does it All Mean?

October 25, 2015
different types of tea in loose leaf form

If you’re like I was a couple of months ago, then your knowledge of tea may be fairly limited. Up until recently, I grew up drinking tea straight from tea bags. I never heard of loose leaf tea, and when I saw images of it, I cringed. That’s tea? I thought to myself. That doesn’t look very appetizing. Is that even good for you? These were some of the many questions that ran through my head. Continue Reading


How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea: A Beginner’s Guide

October 17, 2015
loose leaf tea

In case you haven’t heard, we don’t drink bagged tea ‘round here.

If you’re new to the world of loose leaf tea, unsure of how to brew it, what tools to use, or how to become better at brewing tea, then you’ve come to the right place!

This beginner’s brewing guide will show you everything you need to know in order to make a perfect cup of tea using loose leaf.

For some time now I’ve been asked by friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances a bunch of questions related to brewing loose tea.

Is it better than bagged tea? How do you brew? Is it hard? How do you know how much leaves to use and for how long? Does it taste better than bagged tea?

These were just some of the questions I was asked all the time. I decided to create a beginner’s guide to loose leaf tea to help show and answer some of the commonly asked questions.

In this guide we’ll go over:

  • How to brew loose leaf
  • What to brew it in
  • What tools to use
  • The different types of teas
  • Proper temperatures and steep times
  • Tips and tricks to make your tea taste better
  • Caffeine levels

Let’s get started!
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Tea Infusers

Glass Teapot Infuser

October 12, 2015
hario glass teapot infuser

The Hario glass teapot infuser is a wonderful teapot made entirely of Japanese glass. It is a lovely teapot for those who enjoy brewing loose leaf tea from a glass pot as opposed to a standard tea kettle. It is an elegant small teapot that can be used to make about two servings of tea. Continue Reading


What is a Tea Infuser? A Look at Different Types & How to Use

September 22, 2015
what is a tea infuser?

If you are new to the wonderful world of loose leaf tea, you may be wondering what a tea infuser is.

Many tea enthusiasts and health conscious individuals prefer using loose leaf tea as opposed to standard tea bags. Loose leaf provides a better quality tea, tastes richer, and usually comes in more variety and flavors.  Loose leaf is also not steeped inside a paper bag, or composed of leftover tea crumbs or “tea dust”, both of which is commonly found in bagged tea. By using a tea infuser to brew loose leaf, it allows you to brew a cup of tea that tastes more delicious and is much better for you.

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Tea Infusers

Libre Glass Tea Infuser Review

September 21, 2015
libre glass tea infuser review

For some time now I’ve really wanted to get my hands on a Libre glass tea infuser, the pretty bottles made by Libre Tea.

I love using loose leaf tea travel mugs and am a big fan of them. I use them daily while I’m out and about, and even when I’m at home.

I’ve been very curious to test out how a glass travel mug compares against a stainless steel travel mug in terms of heat retention, spillage, and ease of use.

Since I’ve been eyeing Libre Teas pretty glass tea infusers for a while, I decided to go ahead and take the plunge. I purchased my Libre glass tea infuser from Amazon and the results were quite interesting.

Check out the full review below!
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Tea Infusers

Schefs Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Review

September 20, 2015
Review on the Schefs stainless steel tea infuser

Looking for a modern day tea ball infuser? The Schefs stainless steel tea infuser is a premium tea steeper that is sold on Amazon. It’s a modern, durable, yet quality tea ball infuser that is reasonably priced. If you’re looking for a simple tea steeper for the sole purpose of making an easy and quick cup of tea and have no need for fancy, unique or playful looking steepers, then you should consider the stainless steel tea infuser by Schefs.

See below for the full Schefs tea infuser review.
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