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Scoop n Slide Infuser Review

November 1, 2015
scoop n slide infuser

It’s been a while since I’ve been inside a DAVIDsTEA and now I remember why.

I spend way too much money in there.

I’ll admit the reason I went recently was to purchase one item, which was a cup of tea, so I could have one of their cool DAVIDsTEA Halloween cups!

What was supposed to be one purchase, turned into me picking up seven items, putting back three (not willingly may I add), and leaving the store with four.  Although it was hard to put back the three items, I left with four really neat products, one of them being the scoop n slide infuser.

Scoop n Slide Infuser

The scoop n slide infuser caught my attention by its interesting and modern design. It is essentially a tea ball infuser attached to a handle. My first thought was that this would be a convenient and handy tool for steeping tea. My second thought was I need to buy it as I don’t have something like it.

Note: You can buy a comparable scoop n slide infuser from Amazon if you do not want to purchase from DT directly.

davids tea scoop n slide infuser

The scoop n slide infuser is made entirely from stainless steel. The tea ball infuser head is constructed from stainless steel and has small, fine, holes for steeping tea and actually slides open. It is attached to a handle that makes using the scoop n slide infuser really easy.

How it Works

The scoop n slide infuser is incredibly easy to use. It acts as a tea scoop and tea infuser at the same time. Simply slide open the infuser, and scoop your tea. The tea ball infuser opens by squeezing the handle together. Releasing the handle will then close the tea ball infuser.

scoop n slide infuser open

Once your tea leaves are inside, simply place the scoop n slide infuser in your mug and pour in the hot water. It’s that easy!

You can also view a short video that shows the infuser in action.

The Results

I enjoy using the scoop n slide infuser because of its simplicity and ease of use. I can use one tool that can scoop enough tea leaves for a single cup of tea, and use the same tool to steep that tea at the same time.

I also like that the tea infuser head is large enough for the tea leaves to expand.

In this example I scooped enough leaves so it was just under the half way mark …

the davids tea scoop n slide infuser

… And when I finished steeping, the leaves expanded and took up almost the whole room of the infuser.

the expanded tea leaves

There was also a minimal amount of fine tea leaves that managed to escape. I poured the remaining amount of tea in a white mug for better clarity. In this photo I brewed Orange Pekoe tea by DAVIDsTEA.

orange pekoe tea

When I opened the scoop n slide infuser after steeping, some tea leaves fell out. I should mention that when pulling out the scoop n slide infuser, be careful not to make a mess, as liquid may still be pouring out and the leaves may fall out when you slide open the infuser as well.

Even when leaving the tea infuser inside a cup of hot water for several minutes, the metal handle did not get hot at all, and I did not burn myself when I went to stir or remove the infuser.

When cleaning the scoop and slide infuser, I use warm soapy water. The only downside I have about this product is when cleaning, as tea leaves tend to get stuck in the tea ball infuser. When you open the tea ball and the two halves split open, there is a small area where the two halves touch and intersect. In this area I find is where the tea leaves tend to get stuck. Just be sure to check this area carefully when cleaning.

Other Tea Ball Infusers With Long Handle

A big bummer I find about DAVIDsTEA products is that you can only purchase them in their store or on their website. Usually if your order is over $50 then you’ll receive free shipping, however there are numerous occasions where I just want to purchase an individual item or two.

Unfortunately DAVIDsTEA doesn’t sell their products on Amazon either. However, I have found similar tea ball infusers with long handles over at Amazon:

You can view a list of more tea ball infusers with long handles here.

Final Thoughts

Overall I’m fairly impressed with the scoop n slide infuser by DAVIDsTEA. It’s a refreshing change from using the run of the mill mesh tea ball infuser. It is made entirely from stainless steel, is easy to use, and has a nice, modern look to it.

Product Details

  • Dual purpose tea scoop and tea infuser
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Small, fine holes
  • Brews a single cup of tea
  • Hand wash only
  • Not microwave safe

The scoop n slide infuser can be purchased from the DAVIDsTEA website. Alternatively you can also purchase an almost identical version from Amazon as well.
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Have you used the scoop n slide infuser? I would love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments section below!

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